Pamela Brooks-Grimes

Ms. Brooks-Grimes began working in the banking industry in the early 1990’s. She has worked for such companies as American Express Centurion, Chase Manhattan and First USA Bank. During her employment in the financial industry Ms. Brooks-Grimes developed her capacity for understanding the customer and offering a resolution to their concerns while meeting the day-to-day needs of the company. During her tenure of nine years with First USA Bank, Ms. Brooks-Grimes held multiple positions including Senior Customer Service Representative, Quality Assurance Liaison, Training Assistant and Monitoring Team Representative. Ms. Brooks-Grimes contributed to the First Assist Database Team, which was tasked with revamping the auto-response unit. The modifications to this unit are still used today to provide automated voice assistance to the customers. Additionally, Ms. Brooks-Grimes was valued for her exemplary customer service skills amongst her peers. Following her time in the financial industry, Ms. Brooks-Grimes came to the State of Delaware (Division of Revenue & Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services) initially as a temporary employee in 2000. Her professionalism and skills were soon noticed by the Division of Substance Abuse Director, Renata Henry. Director Henry hired her on the spot as executive secretary. She supported Director Henry for two years. Her exemplary work ethic was spotted by DHSS Deputy Secretary, Karryl McManus who recommended her as a potential candidate as Executive Secretary within the Office of the Secretary. Ms. Brooks-Grimes was then hired by Secretary Vincent P. Meconi and joined the Office of the Secretary staff. She supported Secretary Meconi during the Minner Administration for a term of four years. As the Markell Administration took office, Ms. Brooks-Grimes was asked to remain as Executive Secretary to the newly appointed Secretary, Rita M. Landgraf in 2009. During her tenure with the Office of the Secretary, Ms. Brooks-Grimes interacted with the Governor’s Office, the Lt. Governor’s office, the Mayor’s office, Legislators, various community leaders and Delaware citizens. Among the many needed diplomatic skills for this position, Ms. Brooks-Grimes became adept at handling inquires with sensitivity and confidentiality. In September 2016, Ms. Brooks-Grimes joined the Division of State Service Centers Family, where she remains today.
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