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About domestic abuse

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is a set of behaviors employed by an individual to control and maintain power over their partner. These behaviors typically focus on harming, intimidating, manipulating, and controlling their intimate partner, forcing them to submit and behave in ways they would not otherwise choose. Domestic abuse impacts people from all backgrounds, communities, and economic standing. Multiple forms of abuse are usually present at the same time in abusive situations.

Common forms of abuse

Wondering if your relationship has become abusive? 

Use tools based on survivor experience to determine if you might be at risk in part 1 of our strategy guide, "Understanding if it's abuse"

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About financial abuse

99% of survivors of domestic abuse experience financial abuse. Understand forms of financial abuse and how to protect yourself.

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About technology abuse

It is common for harm doers to use technology to control their partners. Learn what to look for and tech safety tips.

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Read answers to questions frequently asked by survivors who have experienced domestic and financial abuse.

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