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Financial Toolkit for Survivors

A survivor-written toolkit for attaining financial security and a life free from abuse

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Personal finance can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming, especially if you've experienced abuse. Written by survivors and finance experts, this free toolkit is intended to help you attain financial security and a life free from abuse.
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  • Reclaim your independence by taking control of your finances
  • Improve your financial health and security
  • Learn personal finance at your own pace when you feel ready
  • Live free from domestic and financial abuse
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I'd like to learn about...
  • Domestic and financial abuse
  • If my relationship is unhealthy or abusive
  • If I'm in physical danger
  • How to protect myself financially
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I'd like to learn about...
  • Creating a safety plan
  • Creating a safety fund
  • How to open a bank account safely and discreetly
  • If I should get a prepaid card or credit card
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I'd like to learn about...
  • Financial trauma
  • Options for separating my finances and assets from those of my harm doer
  • My credit report and banking history
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I'd like to learn about...
  • Setting financial goals
  • Spending plans and managing  debt
  • How to build my credit
  • My options for victim compensation
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About this toolkit

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“Financial empowerment is invaluable, especially when someone is at their most vulnerable. We're honored to partner with organizations like FinAbilty who share our passion for making financial resources accessible, meaningful, and inclusive.”
Bob Newcomb
SELCO President & CEO
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