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Financial Mentoring

Free virtual 1:1 financial mentoring sessions for survivors of domestic abuse and advocates
  • Meet virtually with a mentor to get answers to your pressing financial questions
  • Gain an understanding of your financial health and set goals for the future
  • Check in monthly with your mentor to discuss and accelerate your financial journey


Financial mentoring is free to survivors of domestic abuse and advocates who support them. No proof is required.


We require all financial mentors to complete our certification process, including training on trauma, abuse, and advocacy.


Sessions are held virtually, allowing you to participate from anywhere. All you need is access to a phone line or internet-enabled device.
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Based on feedback from our volunteers and Survivors Advisory Committee, the pilot phase of this program has been extended to test new onboarding and trainings, designed to further ensure are program is trauma-informed and a safe space for survivors. As a result, we now plan to open this program to survivors in Oregon during the Summer of 2024.

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