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We're here to empower you to build the finanical security needed to live free from abuse and thrive

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  • About abuse
    Learn what warning signs to look for in your relationship and discover less talked about forms of abuse
  • Financial resources
    Discover resources that can help you achieve financial security and thrive, including our starter kit, virtual classes, and 1-on-1 financial counseling
  • Other support
    Connect with a trained advocate to get caring support beyond finances

Remember, you're not alone!

The following are messages written for you by survivors in our community
One day at a time! It gets better.
It’s been amazing to be able to get my kids gifts outside of Christmas and birthdays.
The truth is - you're incredible. You've made it this far, and you'll make it farther.
Financial education is absolutely essential. For me, education was a huge threat to my abusive partner, my having education and independence. I demand that now. It empowers us to make better decisions.
Give yourself grace. It's a process.
You are the expert of your life.  Trust yourself.
The simplest things to point you in the right direction, those little things and extra feeling [of] support, take the weight off of your shoulders.
Keep going!
You did the best you could, with the information you had and no one else to rescue you. You had to be your own superhero, and you rocked it!
I am so proud of you
Finances are connected to wellbeing, having a place to live. It’s directly connected to your survival. Control and the possibility of resources is very helpful.
You are worthy and deserving of love.

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