Financially empower survivors

Through a gift of as little as $25, you can help five survivors of domestic violence access lifesaving financial resources to permanently break free from abuse and thrive.
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What survivors are saying

"I worked in a very professional environment, and I hid it [the abuse] very well. There’s a ton of stereotypes and trying to get information and resources to women in those environments would have been amazing...a tool like FinAbility would have really helped."
“Economic empowerment is what survivors want”
"I will refer a lot of people to this product!"
"I think that financial education is absolutely essential. For me, education was a huge threat to my abusive partner, my having education and independence. I demand that now. It empowers us to make better decisions."
"A lot of the choices I made to proceed in my relationship…were out of fear of financial instability. If I had just had education on financial management earlier in life, I would have felt empowered to make decisions in my best interest as opposed to the best interest of the relationship"
"Thank you for doing this. It’s definitely something that is needed. It’s scary how many survivors can’t leave because of financial dependency."
“I was safe, but not well...wellness also involves very much your finances. Financial support for survivors is critical”
"One of the reasons I got married [to my harm doer] was to be eligible for student loans; I took out the max. People didn’t really explain to me what it meant to take out those loans and what the interest would cost education could have saved me."

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