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Partnering with FinAbility

Thank you for your interest in working with FinAbility! We invite companies that are passionate about financial empowerment and ending domestic violence to invest in our programming.
Play a role in financially empowering 500,000 survivors by the end of 2025
Receive public recognition for investing in underserved and vulnerable communities
Increase brand visibility through joint awareness and marketing opportunities
“This link between domestic and financial abuse compels us to take action and support organizations doing essential work to help survivors find safety and thrive”
Rob Stuart
President and CEO of OnPoint Community Credit Union
Investing in a future free from abuse

Sponsorship opportunities

Survivor Advisory Committee Sponsor

The FinAbility Survivor Advisory Committee (SAC) places survivor voices at the forefront of our organization, providing the perspectives needed to ensure our work is relevant and empowering. All members of the Committee have experienced domestic abuse, which makes their program feedback invaluable.

As a sponsor, your gift will go towards providing Committee members an annual $1,000 stipend, compensating them for their expertise and directly empowering them to build financial security. Interested in learning more? Contact Stacy Sawin.

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Website Sponsor

Ninety-five percent of survivors will never seek support from an advocate, hotline, or shelter. Instead, survivors are turning to Google to find answers to their most pressing safety and financial questions. FinAbility is a digital-first nonprofit providing critical information where survivors are overwhelmingly seeking support - online. As a website sponsor, you can ensure our resources remain accessible to survivors and receive public recognition throughout our website through joint branding opportunities.

Contact Stacy Sawin to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Financial Resource Guide Sponsor

Designed by survivors for survivors, FinAbility's Financial Resource Guide was used by over 1,000 survivors and community members less than six months after launching. As a Resource Guide sponsor, you can connect your company's brand to a highly impactful and sought-after resource. In 2023, our goal is to provide our Resource Guide to more than 30,000 survivors.

Contact Stacy Sawin to learn more about becoming a Financial Resource Guide sponsor.

Profit Sharing

We are very grateful to businesses such as Yu|Mono, Momo Sushi & Grill, Stem Wine Bar, and Friendship Kitchen, which have generously hosted events and donated a percent of their proceeds to empower survivors of domestic abuse. In addition to funding our programming, their support has generated awareness of domestic and financial abuse, fostering closer relationships with their customer base who identify with FinAbility's mission.

Contact Stacy Sawin to learn more about high-visibility profit-sharing opportunities.

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