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June 19, 2023

Why We Love MyPlan

MyPlan is a free phone and web app designed to help anyone worried about a potentially abusive relationship, including concerned observers. If you are worried for your safety or the safety of someone you love, this app might be for you!

MyPlan provides vetted resources and personalized strategies that help users assess the health of their relationship and make informed decisons about their safety. These resources include self-care strategies, safety plan outlines, expert advice, and more. They are also organized into helpful categories that let the user choose where they want to focus their time. MyPlan is designed to be helpful in all kinds of situations, ranging from toxic to potentially life-threatening relationships. It’s even fully available in Spanish. Created by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, MyPlan is intensively research backed, survivor and trauma informed, and highly inclusive. 

How it works

1. First, you fill out an assessment about your personal identity. MyPlan is inclusive of all genders and sexualities, and contains culturally specific resources for lgbt+ and people of color, as well as resources for people with disabilities.

2. Next, you fill out some quizzes about your relationship. If you want to take them all at once you can, or you can take it slowly. They include a red flags quiz, a toxic signs quiz, the danger assessment, and more. At the end of each quiz, MyPlan assesses your answers and gives you advice.

There’s even a green flags quiz, to help demonstrate what a healthy relationship can look like. Your answers to the quizzes help inform what resources MyPlan will direct you to later on. Don’t worry–the quizzes are written in trauma informed language and are quick to take.

3. If you are using MyPlan for a friend or family member, the app will give you different options and resources, including a quiz that helps you determine whether you should be getting involved at all.

4. Next, MyPlan creates a personalized list of resources based on your answers. MyPlan has resources specific to all kinds of issues, including financial abuse, technology abuse, disability abuse, cultural abuse, and more, so no matter what you need, MyPlan can help. There are tons of options from here on–you can check out links to advocates, health and legal resources, parental help, and more.

Or, you can use the My Learning tab to learn more about what a healthy relationship should look like. If you have made a decision to get help or leave a relationship, you can create a personalized safety plan and much more in the My Strategies tab. MyPlan even has mental and physical health resources for after abuse.

5. If your partner gets suspicious about you using the app, MyPlan has a great feature that allows you to unlock it in safety mode, where it displays generic time management advice.

Whether you or a loved one are worried about a potentially toxic or abusive relationship, MyPlan is a great resource, no matter your situation or needs. Download it here.

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