Social Media Lead

2 to 4 hours a week

Help us go viral! We're looking for one or two volunteers to support our PR and marketing efforts. This is an opportunity to not only create awareness about domestic abuse but to also play a role in ending it.

Focus areas would include:

  • Creating content for FinAbility’s Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Writing FinAbility email communications and newsletters
  • Managing press relations
  • Sourcing content partners

Weekly time commitment will be either 2 or 4 hours per week, depending on whether we have one or two volunteers fill this role.


We’re looking for someone passionate about our mission and driven to deliver exceptional work. We are open to candidates without prior professional marketing / PR experience. What matters to us is demonstrated hustle, creativity, and ability to learn.

This role can be done 100% remotely, but there is a preference for candidates in either Oregon's Greater Portland Area or the Greater Los Angeles Area.


To apply, email [email protected] with:

  • Resume (required)
  • 100 words about your favorite marketing campaign and why you think it was effective. If applicable, please include a screenshot of an Instagram post you like from the campaign (required)
  • Links to social media pages, campaigns, or content you’ve created (optional)

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