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Financial Tools Designed for Survivors

The Moving Ahead Curriculum is a financial education curriculum developed by the All State Foundation and is specifically for survivors of domestic abuse.

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Making Cent$ Finance Course

Bradley Angle

Website: https://bradleyangle.org/making-cents/

Making Cent$ is a guided course, where an instructor teaches a live class. It's currently virtual due to Covid.

Bradley Angle serves anyone who is affected by domestic abuse. They offer a variety of services such as the Economic Empowerment Program. Making Cent$ is a finance course specifically designed for survivors and has a $50 incentive for completing the course.

This program is a 5 week course that will be offered four times a year. It covers subjects such as: 

  • Savings
  • Budgeting Strategies
  • Credit
  • Building Financial Foundations
  • Banking

This course will also address the signs of financial abuse, and how to prepare with a financial safety plan.

Please visit their website to see next available spots.

General Financial Education


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