About Abuse

There are many forms of abuse. Learn about them below.

We've chosen to highlight two forms of abuse: financial and technology. However, there are many other forms of abuse that can be extremely harmful. DomesticShelters.org has provided information on Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Verbal Abuse, and Emotional Abuse.

Financial Abuse

This form of abuse is one of the least commonly known but one of the most powerful tactic of entrapping a victims in the relationship.  It is so powerful that many victims of abuse describe it as the main reason that they stayed in an abusive relationship or went back to one.

Some forms of financial abuse include: giving you an allowance, not letting you have your own money, hiding family assets, running up debt, interfering with your job, and ruining your credit.

Technology Abuse

Technology abuse is an extremely common way for abusers to keep track of, intimidate, or control their victims. Common forms include abusing GPS enabled tech to monitor where you go, such as putting a tracker on your car, or enabling an app on your phone to track where your phone is, listening in on your conversations through email, text, or phone without your consent, monitoring your online activity, or using technology to impersonate someone else in order to communicate with you.

Technology abuse can often make the victim feel like they're trapped and without a way out. It can often lead to someone feeling like they're always being watched, even after they've left the abusive relationship. Because technology abuse is so common, we've compiled resources on tech safety for you to learn about the best practices you can implore to keep safe.