Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is important to you. Read below for FinAbility's standard practice.

FinAbility Privacy Policy

The safest way to protect your identity is to never collect your data in the first place. There's nothing at risk of being leaked or hacked because we don't have the information to begin with.

What we track: 
- Number of users who come to our site.
- Answers to the Financial Assessment and Danger Assessment.
- If you subscribe to our newsletter, we keep your name and email.

What we don't track: 
- Any identifying information such as name, birth date, or location.
- Where you're accessing our site from.
- Your device IP address.
- We never share any information with third parties.

FinAbility uses the aggregate data from your answers to the Financial Assessment to better understand the needs of our users. As we develop the product and provide more resources, these answers will be used to determine what information is important to our users.