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The Financial Assessment is used to better understand what your financial needs are and guide you to the resources that may be most helpful

If you don't have your physical ID

Harm doers often confiscate a survivor's ID in order to gain power over them. ID's are an essential document, needed to open accounts at any financial institution. Here are some institutions that do not require a physical ID, but rather verify your identity through other means. Verification typically means they'll ask you a series of questions generated from your government documents.

You'll still need your ID information (driver's license number, expiration date, etc.) but you do not need to present the physical ID.

  • Rivermark (image of ID required)
  • SELCO (no image of ID required)
  • Advantis (no image of ID required)
  • Chime (no image of ID required)
  • Varo (no image of ID required)

If you don't have a safe mailing address

If you live with your harm doer and feel unsafe having mail going to your house, there are a few options:

  • Many financial institutions will have a "Residential Address" and a "Mailing Address" on file. You can put a PO box or the address of someone you trust for the "Mailing Address," which will direct all mail there.
  • You can often opt to "Go Paperless," which will prevent any mail from being sent at all.

These Credit Unions offer the option to have a "mailing address" on file: 

Would you like to help us improve?

Express interest in our Empowerment Study

What is the Empowerment Study?

To better understand our impact on the community, we want to get to know you, how you've used FinAbility, and what impact it made.

You'll be compensated $150 for: 

  • Two (2) 30 minute interviews
  • Five (5) surveys

The study will be conducted over the course of 1 year

Is it safe? 

Here are some safety precautions we will take: 

  • We will not contact you from a FinAbility email. You'll be able to choose one of three dummy companies to receive emails from, to ensure that only innocuous emails are in your inbox.
  • We will remind you to use a safe email, to ensure that your harm doer does not have access to it.
  • We will work with you to schedule a time that you can take a call / do a survey without being monitored

Am I eligible?

We're looking for people who have completed an assessment on FinAbility, have used our Financial Education resources, and/or browsed our financial products with the intent of applying for one.

How do I express interest? 

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