Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions below.

1. What is FinAbility?

FinAbility is a non-profit directly addressing the most common reason survivors remain trapped in abusive relationships - financial dependency on abusers. Working with survivors and advocates, we are building a financial resource hub where survivors can access resources to finance leaving abuse and developing the skills needed to regain control of their finances. FinAbility was incorporated as a non-profit in the US in October of 2020 and is fiscally sponsored by the 501(c)(3) registered organization City Embrace Counselling and Resource Center.

2. Where is FinAbility located?

FinAbility is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. 

3. How was FinAbility's web tool developed?

We conducted over 100  interviews with survivors and advocates in order to develop our trauma-informed web application. We also consulted advocates, counselors, finance, and technology experts in order to provide a safe web platform. 

4. Is the website safe to use? How does the website maintain user confidentiality?

If you would like to safely leave our site at any time, please utilize the emergency exit button located on the right side of the page. You can review our privacy policy here.

5. How do I get started and use FinAbility's web tool to access financial resources?

Visit our “Steps to get started.”

6. How do I learn more about my finances?

Visit our financial education page.

7. How do I start a bank account?

Visit our financial resources page to learn more about bank accounts. 

8. How can I get more help?

Use our database to find non-financial resources near you. We also provide useful links to the NNEDV and under our “About Abuse” tab.